Where do you fit?

This map, which I found on various websites, originated with the Glenmary Research Center . This organization produces many other maps showing distributions of churches, church-going populations, and a variety of combinations related to religious life in America. You can find this map and many others like it at http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/geo/courses/geo200/religion.html, an online course site that looks much like a syllabus.

This map of the US shows the leading church bodies per county. The map highlights 8 major Christian denominations, showing where they represent a plurality (and in counties marked with a + at least 50%) of the relevant counties’ population. Note, this does not total individual churchgoers, only the churches themselves. Still, it provides an intriguing look into American religous patterns.

Where do you fit? Do you worship with the majority in your county? Thoughts on the map in general?


Mrs. Mordecai said…
What a fun map! My religion is the main one in my area, but we're not a majority. I grew up where it was a huge majority and it is definitely different here!