A Special Valent-ersary
Many Valentines ago, in a home not too very far away, a dashing young man dropped to one knee...and scratched the dog's belly. His lovely young lady (it's my story--if my memory is too kind, how will you know?) narrowed her eyes and waited, suspecting something more but thrown off track...temporarily.

Must not be tonight, then. The flowers and music box delivered earlier had already confused and delighted her. He was about to escort her to dinner. And he does hate to be a cliche. She decided she could wait.

The young man, still earning the fat yellow lab's adoration, then extended his other hand to his "pretty lady." He offered a black, velvet box, the sort that needs no further description.

Her narrowed eyes popped wide in surprise. She snatched the box, opened it, and said...

"You propose while you're petting the dog?! You'll never live this down!"

Well, not really. He asked, she accepted, they went out for some Cajun food. Three months later they married. Eleven years, three children, many adventures, and one different fat dog later, they continue their unique and abiding love story together.

(He contends that he'll never be able to top that Valentine's gift, so why try?)

(She still ribs him about the dog.)


Erin said…
Hahaha! That was good.

I'll bet he throws red socks in with the whites so you'll never ask him to wash the laundry again either, huh? ("Can't top that Valentine'S Day so why even try?" Pshaw! I don't buy it. Don't let him get off so easily.)

And I imagine you're still eating Cajun food together. Happy Valentine's Day.
Kelley said…
yeah, i should have included that..."and lots of Cajun food later" :) Good one. And very true.

You think I let him get away with that flimsy excuse?? Nothing doing. But he likes to throw it out there just for a reaction.

Hope you've had a good Valentine's day!