A Hermeneutics Quiz

A what quiz? Hermeutics...how we interpret the Bible. Do you consider it the literal words of God? Is it a collection of human authors' words? Somewhere in between? Your "hermeneutic" is the set of rules by which you read and interpret scripture, and you may be surprised at how inconsistent even the most conservative, and most liberal, Bible-readers are in their hermeneutic. Take the quiz to get an idea of where you stand. It's not the perfect tool, but it's interesting enough to get a conversation started.

From the creator of the hermeneutic quiz, Scot McNight (who blogs on Jesus Creed, a worthy blog to follow):

This quiz is designed to surface the decisions we make, perhaps without thinking about them, and about how we both read our Bible and don't read our Bible. Some will want to quibble with distinctions or agree with more than one answer. No test like this can reveal all the nuances needed, but broad answers are enough to raise the key issues. On a scale of 1-5, mark the answer that best fits your approach to reading the Bible. (If you fall between response 1 and response 3, give yourself a 2.) Your score will reveal where you land on our hermeneutical scale.

After you complete the quiz, links will take you to a results page where your score is explained. I would be interested to know who takes the quiz and what you thought of it.