Tonight is the big game--LSU vs. Ohio St. for the BCS National Championship. I spent last week catching a few of the other bowl games, very few with any real interest, though I did camp out in front of my TV on New Year's Day to watch about four of them back to back, but mostly I was waiting for tonight! THE game of the season (again). And I'm praying that the real Tigers will show up--the ones who obliterated Virginia Tech in the second game of the season--not the "cardiac Tigers" who gave every fan panic attacks at the end of, oh, at least five games.

My mom's friend is actually attending the game, just a few piddly miles down the River Road from Baton Rouge. Jealous, yeah. But I know I couldn't afford a nose-bleed ticket, so I'm not seriously envious.

My neighbors, post-Katrina transplants from Covington, LA, and I are supporting each other's Tiger loyalty. We have LSU flags flying in our yards (daily), and I'm sure we'll be sporting championship shirts, hoodies, and sundry gear within a couple of weeks (assuming we win, of course).

And tomorrow, my son will be thrilled that Mommy won't be able to watch any more college football. With that attitude, Superbowl Sunday should be the highlight of his year.