Words Likely to Come Out of My Mouth Any Given Day

How do you obey? (answer: "right away" or "the first time")
Binkies are for bed.
Where's my hug?
How was your day, Nate?
Time for quiet time!
I don't care (that you say you aren't tired)--you are still taking a nap!
I love you.
Bad dog!
No playing at the sink.
Brush teeth time!
Hold my hand....dangit, I mean now! (in the parking lot)
Drink your milk.
No more candy!
Where's lovey?
Dear Lord, (insert various desperate prayers)
When are you coming home? (to DH, around 5:30pm)
Pull the (bathtub) plug!
Get back in bed!


Alice said…
Wow! Talk about a flashback. That sounded just like my words from a few years ago. (sweet memories) Now I say things like, "Be home at 11:00, and "did you fill out your college applications?"

Enjoyed your post.