Unexpected vindication

Thanks in part to my friend Sandi's research and interest in bioethics, I followed closely President Bush's decision back in August 2001 to limit federal funding for stem-cell research. His stance, which supported the sanctitity of life inherent in embryos, was vilified by Democrats, celebrities, and the press. 9-11 occurred shortly thereafter, overshadowing the president's controversial decision, and the subject fell into second- or third-tier news cycles.

In the years since, we've seen various announcements of breakthroughs and setbacks, for adult cell and embryonic research alike. But the announcement last week of researchers' remarkable discovery that adult cells can indeed be induced into acting like stem cells through a process called "de-differentiation" gives everyone a reason to celebrate.

Especially pro-life supporters. Especially those who applauded the president when he determined to draw a moral line. Especially the president himself.

Take a read through today's op-ed piece in the Dallas Morning News. I for one was glad to see public affirmation of Bush's difficult, but right, 2001 decision.