Monday's Musings

Aack! Yet another crazy football weekend for my boys. LSU kept our hearts pounding as they fought the Auburn Tigers/War Eagles/who the heck is our mascot on Saturday night at Death Valley. There was no leaving my chair, as each play seemed vital to survival or winning, depending upon which series of downs you were watching. Back and forth, from anxiety to relief, despondency to exhiliration. Sort of like that Florida game. And yes, it came down to the last play, the last second--literally!--for my Tigers (the real Tigers) to win outright.

Down by 1, with 10 seconds on the clock at the 22 yard line, we thought they were in formation to spike the ball or make a short pass up the middle to set up the winning fieldgoal. But no, Flynn drops back and flings it to the endzone. It takes time for a ball to travel that far. Thankfully we had a receiver ready to pull it in for the winning touchdown. With one second to spare.

Yes, one second left on the clock. Coach Les Miles cements his reputation as the gutsiest coach in college football. (What was he thinking???!)

The game was so exciting that my friend Courtney from SC called in the 3rd quarter to cheer them on--I think we've made a new fan. She called back to celebrate with me after the clock ran out...I was still hyperventilating.

Thankfully the Cowboys--while it was a strange game--didn't put us through the same torment. They started slow but were pretty solid in their win over the Vikings. I'm just glad that both teams have a bye next weekend.

I need the rest.