Celebrating in Style

Almost two weeks without blogging--stop the presses. Once again, I had a great excuse. This time it was a Carribean cruise, to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. DH and I, along with a couple of long-time friends, left our children with grandparents for over a week while we feasted, relaxed, adventured, and shopped the Yucatan.

We've concluded that never before have we enjoyed food in such quantity, at such quality, accompanied by such perfect service. We were tempted to define the value of each day by the dinner experience. There is something about seafood cooked to perfection and melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon. Oh yes, there was chocolate melting cake. As often as you wanted it. It lived up to its reputation.

The snorkeling was divine. I'm not usually a big water person, but I had looked forward to this opportunity to swim with the fishes and see some colorful reefs. The most amazing part of that excursion (private boat for four, cheap price, was good too) was the large school of gray/black fish hovering at the bottom of the reef, about 15 feet below us. My DH dove down among them--what a cool sight--but they weren't bothered. He floated up carefully when he noticed the barracuda eyeing him. As he reached the top, the barracuda descended closer to the school of fish. Seconds later he made his move, dashing at them suddenly. In a flash, the black fish dispersed like a fan--they were just gone. Coolest moment in the water for us!

If you ever think of taking a cruise, consider inviting a couple of friends or more to come with you. Having pals to share the experience added greatly to our enjoyment. For instance, each night after dinner we headed to the card room for a game or two of Hearts. I had a pal to hang with on deck while we sunned ourselves and read novels. DH had a friend to hang with while the wives sunned themselves and read novels. :)

Enjoy the pics.


Shannon said…
Fun, fun! What a great idea for a 10th anniversary - I'm so glad you guys got to go!! Don't think I'd like the barracuda thing, though...ick!