10, 20, 30

Quick, what were you doing 10 years ago? 20 years ago? 30? Some of you might not be able to go that far back, so don't try. But let's hear your stories. My friend Sandi connected me to this "degrees of separation" game.

10 years ago: I was a newlywed, still a student at DTS, living blissfully with my new DH in a garage apartment so small there wasn't room enough for a good fight :). I had recently watched in horror as the news of Princess Diana's death was announced. My step-sister was so concerned about me that she called from St. Louis to make sure I was OK. Does that say something about the level of my obsession with "Lady Di" back when I was a kid??

20 years ago: I was a sophomore in high school, enjoying what I later realized was the hey-day of my fastpitch softball career. Summer 87 found my team winning State and Regionals, then going to Nationals in Boulder, CO. I think that was my first airplane ride.

30 years ago: My mother tells me that on my first day of Kindergarten I came home crying--because they had not taught me how to read. I guess that had been one of the selling points about school--"you'll learn to read" and I thought it would happen the first day. I also spent those first few months of school waiting for my mom to marry this nice man, Mr. Rodney. That came a few months later.

So, how about you? Respond in my comments with your fun memories, or if you have your own blog tell us there. Don't forget to link to Mary DeMuth's blog--she's the one who started this little game (http://www.relevantblog.blogspot.com/). This isn't to build her blog empire; it's to find out how far one blog can reach.

Have fun! Can't wait to hear your stories.