Recommended Reading

In a few weeks I'll be interviewing my good friend Sandi Glahn on her newest fiction release, Informed Consent. If you are in the mood for a medical thriller with a twist, pick it up today at your local Christian bookstore or on It's pretty fantastic. In her writing journey these past 13 years, Sandi has coauthored three other medical novels as well as several non-fiction works dealing with bioethics, intimacy in marriage, and infertility. Informed Consent is her first solo work of fiction.

Amazingly enough, she's also released six studies in her Coffee Cup Bible Study series--the latest two this summer. I highly recommend them for your personal growth and enjoyment. Sandi is gifted in bringing to life the culture and context of the ancient world, then asking questions that apply timeless truths to your 21st century life.

Each book in the series sports a spiral binder that allows each page to be folded flat behind the book for easy handling. Another perk--the Bible text for each lesson is printed within the pages of the study, so no more lugging your Bible along if you want to work a lesson over coffee or in the park. Your one-stop study experience! Women will enjoy them in groups or individually.

Take a look at the covers below, and stop by Sandi's site to order one (or more). You'll be glad you did!


Erin Anderson said…'s been over a week... :) We're all waiting for your next pearl of wisdom...

Love ya!

Kelley said…
at the risk of offending readers who don't know our suck! :) Don't you know I'm about to entertain a houseful of kids--some of whom are staying over--for Nate's birthday party? Don't you know I'm forever changing diapers, grading papers, desperately waiting for next Saturday, when I'll be leaving for vacation? Don't you know...I'm so lame, I know. I'll put something up soon...