My BFF sent a lovely little challenge (see the comments in "recommended reading" post) after checking out the duration my previous post lasted at the number one slot. I know, she's only calling my bluff that I'll actually write more on this blog. I'm trying! If only you knew how boring my life is.

Boring, meaning, not reading anything special these days, just starting Bible study (so maybe some good stuff coming from that later), grading papers, editing a book, in my routine Mommy life--and what's exciting about diapers? But I will try to do better.
Hence, this post! :) In addition to just starting bible study, I've also recently joined MOPS--Mothers of Preschoolers. My new church hosts a chapter, and I decided to try it out. We've only met once, plus a park "Mommy and Me" playdate and a Moms only evening at La Madeleine's. So I'm meeting some women in the area, en masse. It's a good start.

Next weekend, on Saturday Sept. 29th, First Baptist McKinney MOPS and Trinity Presbyterian MOPS are combining efforts to host Sweet Repeats, a kids' consignment sale that serves as their primary fundraiser. I've personally donated a trunkful of toddler clothing and toys. There will be much more! If you live in the greater Dallas area and have time that day--and have young children who might benefit--swing by for some great deals. It's going to be huge. See the website for details and map.


Erin Anderson said…
A friend loveth [and challengeth] at all times... :)