Friday's Facts: Did you know...?
...that Jane Austen was never acknowledged publicly as the author of her books until after her death?
...that there are over 60 regional chapters of the Jane Austen Society of North America? (you can visit their site at
...that Jane Austen sold her first manuscript, what would later be titled Northanger Abbey, for 10 pounds?
...that Jane Austen's gravestone does not even mention that she was an author?
...that Jane Austen's books have never been out of print? (Wow!)

You can find much more information on Jane Austen--her life, books, film adaptations, etc--on the JASNA web site. I annually read one of Jane's novels--well, re-read, since I've read them all. Usually I try to do this during the summer, when I feel I'm supposed to have more time for such pursuits. It didn't happen this year. So when my friend Sandi mentioned that she's taking a class devoted to the Austen novels, I volunteered to read along with her. Get this, a doctoral level class all about Jane Austen's books, where you get credit for reading and analyzing your favorite books! That's virtual nirvana for an Austen addict.

So we're now reading Emma. Funny story that goes along with Emma: when my DH and I were dating, he had seen Sense and Sensibility and actually liked it, considering that it was a chick flick. So when Emma came to video, we rented it and watched it at his parents's house. I sprawled on the floor, enraptured and entertained with Gwyneth Paltrow's well-meaning troublemaker character. John sat on the couch, so I never saw his face. About 3/4 of the way through, he commented, "Is it going to get better?"

I was appalled. You mean you haven't been enjoying it even halfway as much as I have? You think this is awful? Well, yes. In fact, that movie has become the measuring stick for bad movies, in his mind. "Was it as bad as Emma?" Of course, that name also got scratched from our list of possible girl names--ha!

DH that he is, he recently sat through the 2006 release of Pride and Prejudice with me. Sacrificial love and all that. But he liked it much better.

For those of you like me, who do enjoy the Austen books and films, check out the JASNA site for all sorts of interesting information, and pick up a copy of Emma and read along with us this month.


Shannon said…
Fun! I love Austen. Will have to check that one out! That's funny about of my favorites was Clueless, and Chris thought the same as John about that one!! Ha!