Animal Babies

Baby showers are notorious for cute, silly games related to all things baby. This morning I was delighted to reunite with old friends from Rowlett Bible Fellowship as we celebrated the imminent birth of the newest member. And yes, we had a few silly games. One of them was actually educational: guess the baby name to each animal listed.

Some were easy: cow-calf, horse-foal, dog-puppy, cat-kitten...

A few were less familiar but not too hard: goat-kid, deer-fawn, duck-duckling, chicken-chick, frog-tadpole...

Then there were the stumpers. Do you know the baby names that go with the following parent animals? I've added a few to the original list, just for fun. Leave a comment with your guesses.

Goose --

Swan --

Whale --

Eel --

Shark --

Ferret --

Koaloa --

Racoon --

Pigeon --

Hawk --

Have fun!


Erin said…
Goose -- Gosling

Swan -- Chick

Whale -- Calf

Eel -- Earl

Shark -- Pup

Ferret -- Kit

Koaloa -- Cub

Racoon -- Cub

Pigeon -- Chick

Hawk -- Loogie

Ok, I know some of those are wrong. But some of them might be kind of, sort of, in the ballpark. Right?