Undefiled Religion

Sometimes God's people remember who they are--children of the King. A friend of mine, Julie, who goes way back (actually to 7th grade but mostly college summers) brought this video clip to my attention. I'll put the link in at the end, but first a short intro.

The subject of this video is Lance Wooldridge, affectionately known to Julie and me as "Puck." We all worked at Pine Cove together in the early 90s as camp counselors. I haven't heard much from Lance over the years, other than that he moved to Nashville with hopes of recording his music. He got married, had kids, etc. I did hear a few years later that his wife had some sort of major health problem. That's about all I knew. He's now on staff at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.

Watch what happens when God's people serve humbly, anonymously, generously, and lovingly. When one couple reaches out in obedience to the Lord's leading, a host of people are blessed. This sort of crazy love is exactly what the Father is all about. Givers, recipients, even the unborn, benefit when God's people come together for the good of one another. Watch! (When you get to this page, click on "Miracle in Franklin"--the picture of the family.)


Erin said…
I tried to view the video, but my laptop went kaput on that one. Will jog downstairs to see if one of the dinosaurs can play it. ;)

I tagged you for a friendly meme on my blog today. Since we haven't talked in a long time... and to show you that I DO know what meme means now. Thanks to you.