The Kids

The beautiful weather gracing us the past two weeks has prompted lots of family walks around our burgeoning neighborhood. Jack, who just turned 3 last month, recently mastered his bicycle with training wheels, and can carry himself down the street quite well, needing help only on the inclines. He can't remember to keep pedaling as he approaches a sidewalk ramp or driveway, so we give him a nudge. Nate of course can speed his way along any surface, popping little wheelies when he gets adventurous.
And Maggie gets pushed in the stroller or pulled in the red wagon. The wagon is riding in high style--we put old chair cushions in there to give her some padding, and she just sits back like a queen, sippy cup in hand.

I took a few pictures last week, before Nate's spring break, so he's not in them. But the little guys were having a great time.


Janice said…
Maggie is growing so fast, and Jack is as cute as ever. They grow up oh so fast. Enjoy!

:) Janice
San said…
I'm tellin' ya, you and John-boy make gorgeous kiddos!