Texas Drivers, Y'all Listen Up!

"Have cell phone, will travel." If that's your motto, take a minute to punch this number into your cell phone book: *DPS (*377).

The Texas Department of Public Safety established this number to be used for non-life threatening situations. So drivers who witness a hazardous road conditions, dead animals, suspicious activity at rest stops, or who may be stranded with car problems can dial *377 to summon a DPS rep for roadside assistance.

Customers of Cingular/AT&T, ALLTEL, Nextel, and Verizon Wireless can dial this number free of charge anywhere in the state of Texas. It is available 24/7.

Remember, this does NOT replace 911 as an emergency number. In a previous post from last May, I mentioned a local Dallas number that I called when Sandi and I had a flat tire on I-45. *DPS covers a whole lot more ground, and it's easier to remember.

Like umbrellas, which you never need until you forget them, you probably won't ever need to use this number if you add it to your phone book. But if you don't...


Shannon said…
Helpful, helpful! Thanks, Kel! Another that I have in my cell is 1-800-FREE-411. It's 411 for free (obviously!). You have to listen to cheesy ads sometimes, but it's better than having to pay $1.00!