In the three-plus weeks since my last blog, I've cancelled my internet access, packed up my life and belongings, relocated to a fabulous house in the boonies, driven 8 hours (not 7 anymore) to my mother's house in Baton Rouge for Christmas, returned to continue unpacking said belongings, and finally got reconnected to the internet. In that order.

And can I say that it wasn't the endless boxes that frustrated me the most, but the lack of technology. I had not realized my utter dependence on email and instant messaging to connect with my friends and family. Sure I use the (cell) phone, and I write occasional notes (usually of the thank-you variety) on paper to snail mail, but my primary means of communication is electronic. So combining my new location in the boonies--actually a town north of the Dallas area called Anna (10 miles from a Walmart, to give you perspective)--with my lack of the Net, I was feeling seriously isolated.

Thankfully it didn't last long. I mean, 3 weeks? Big deal. And it wasn't as if I had time to sit around and email all my buddies anyway. The holidays kept things hopping, and the boxes and children claimed the other 80% of my time. I think it was mostly a mental thing for me.

Then, today, I get a note from an old acquaintance from seminary. Heather Jamison, fellow seminary wife/student, author, and mother, recently set up a blog. Check it out here. As I glanced through a few of her posts, my situation looked less and less dire. She's in Africa, a missionary to Kenya. I would say that limits her time with friends and extended family. Her internet access? Dial-up. The slow and unreliable kind, too. Her latest confession? Asking a member of the Texas church group about to come for a short-term trip to make a quick trip to Target for a few items.

Anna, Texas, is looking more like the center of civilization, now that I think about it. Nothing like a missionary friend to slap you upside the head. Thanks, Heather! (And I really mean that.)


Erin said…
Glad you guys are getting settled. Your house pics look like there's lots of room to zoom and vroom! Tell the boys to break out the Matchbox cars!!
Heather Jamison said…
Hey Kelley - I've been to Anna, Texas . . . and it's out there, girl. I do feel for you. And I'm not joking. Out there is out there - in Africa or America. :)

I got those things from Target. The short term team brought them. Ah, the packaging of America, too. So crisp. Totally sweet.

Take care!