Busy Weekend

Despite the inclement weather late last week, we drove all over town to several fun events. Thursday night we packed the kids up after school and drove down to the Lakewood area of Dallas to join a houseful of former "Creeksiders" --those early, some founding, members of the church that is now RBF. Our former pastor was in town to perform the wedding of one of our Creekside kids, now all grown up of course. His presence prompted the gathering. And was it fun!

Most commonly heard phrase: "The kids are huge!" or "OMG, your kids are so grown up!" --something along those lines. I did hear one mom, who didn't bring her now teenaged kids, "Oh, the children just slay me." The common consensus was that, though we adults hadn't changed a bit (right?), the children's growth gave our aging away.

I think we stayed home Friday...but Saturday morning we packed up the kids and headed to Allen (14 miles?), where Lowe's, Home Depot, and Firestone are all within a few blocks of one another. While one car got an oil change, we shopped for ceiling fans and garage door openers. $1000 later (choke!), we picked up the car and headed home.

Only to shower quickly and get pretty not so quickly, so we could once again pack up the kids and drive down to Dallas for the wedding referenced above. The kids stayed with "Aunt" Erin and her family, which they loved since her kids are their buddies. The church was mere blocks from her house, and the wedding was a joyful, almost playful, occasion. The love and happiness was palpable.

The reception was even more fun. Joined by even more old Creeksiders, plus a host of people I didn't know (probably the groom's side), we filled the hall with laughter, eating, and dancing. John found some really old (as in long-time-ago) acquaintances from the church he attended as a teenager, so he was busy making the rounds. The bride's mother and a friend of the family sang a silly duet to the bride about how to catch a man--hilarious! The bride and three teen friends (the Simonds girls) sang a silly song "Just hug him, and hold him, and love him, and....and you'll be his" (think "My Best Friend's Wedding). So funny!

And then we all got to dance. I confess this was my favorite part of the evening, since I think it's been since Maggie was a mere pouch in my belly (summer 05) that we last two-stepped together. We couldn't do the fast songs because: a. the floor was too crowded, and b. my dress had a slit up to my neck (or so it felt to me), so I didn't feel comfortable flashing the world as we whirled by. But we did great with the slower songs.

We got home at 11 pm...went to church Sunday morning. Still visiting McKinney Fellowship Bible Church. Came home, ate lunch, watched the poor Saints lose to the Bears (I was SO hoping they'd make it all the way). Somehow I helped John feed the kids dinner and clean up, but really I was focused on the Colts/Patriots game. If you missed it...wow, what a rocking, rollercoaster game. We had the kids in bed well before half-time, so I was able to concentrate fully for the most exciting part of the game--the second half. Even John, the non-football fan, stayed up to watch. And yes, I was rejoicing with Peyton and the Colts.

Today...no plans. But I want to wish Valerie Simonds a very happy birthday. Each birthday is a victory for her, as she has battled brain cancer for almost 7 years. Watching her dance and laugh her way through the wedding reception Saturday night made the evening all the sweeter. Praying for many more joyful birthdays ahead.


Erin said…
Wah!! I missed SO MUCH last weekend. And for many weekends to come, I'm sad to say. :(

Glad you guys had such a good time.
Happy Birthday to Valerie!

Pouting in Maryland.
Shannon said…
I too was mourning for the Saints, but at least I will be able to cheer on Peyton & the Colts!! Would have been so torn if it was Saints vs Colts. Next year!