Boxes and Phone Calls
I've found some amazing items these past two weeks. That happens when you are packing up a house holding the gems and junk for five people.
You'd think those younger people wouldn't have so much stuff--ha! Even after throwing away a couple of trash cans full of used paper, broken toys and worn out shoes, they still have more boxes of stuff than John and I do.
My favorite discovery? A collection of old softballs and my box of pictures and negatives (organized by year!) from my younger, single days. I sat up late last night looking through some of them, laughing at some memories and wondering "Who WAS that girl in all those pictures?" Could not remember her name...drove me crazy.
For the past three days or so, my dreams have been filled with two overriding themes: boxes--What do we have left in that closet? How many boxes for the kitchen? Argh! The pantry! Oh no, I forgot about the kids' bathroom supplies...
and phone calls--whom have I forgotten to cancel service with? When is our house phone shutting off? Will we have heat on move out day? Will we have heat in the new house on move-in day? It's going to take HOW long to get internet service installed!!!? Who haven't I talked to yet?
My girlfriends from church are rescuing me from the madness tonight. I'm looking forward to our evening at Chili's! Bring on the chocolate :)