Nathan Godsey on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Dallas and Baton Rouge--set your TVs to record the Ellen show tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th. That's 3 pm on NBC. Our friends in South Carolina, the Godseys, are currently in California to tape an episode on the Ellen show. Actually, only Nathan, their 9-yr-old son, is doing the taping, but his parents are along for the experience.

Why a kid from SC? Nathan is the host of the kids' cooking show, Fun Food Adventures. His mom and dad produce, direct, and film the show--all from their home office. The filming takes place in a variety of places across the eastern U.S., so far. Check out their web site to see all the fun stuff, the food, and yes, the adventures that Nathan leads his siblings and viewers through. FFA airs on TBN weekly this fall/winter, at 11 am in the DFW area. Check your local listings.

Whatever you might think of Ellen's personal views and lifestyle, she is one hilarious show host. Her cooking episodes are particularly funny, as she tends to do crazy, unpredictable things with the food. So I'm looking forward to seeing how she interacts with Nathan. More than that, this opportunity provides major exposure for his show. Wouldn't it be great if a secular talk show helped spread the message of Christ?