Home for Christmas

Many of you know that John and I have had our house on the market for 18 months, attempting to sell it so we can move closer to his job 35 miles away. While the commute has been more manageable than we first thought, the hours away from family--in the car alone-- add up quickly. We wish to be a unified family, not one living in two worlds that meet at 6pm. In answer to many prayers (the answer being "sorry" to some), the Lord finally brought a family along who wanted, and qualified for, our home here in Garland.

This happened two weeks ago, and for at least a week we were in a bit of shock. Not wanting to share the news too precipitously, we waited til the inspection showed minor issues and certain contract details were finalized. Then we went shopping and found a beautiful home in the next town over from John's school. His new commute: 7 minutes. You should have seen his grin when we took a test drive.

Our closing date is December 15, another detail that has us a bit shell-shocked. But it's do-able. We began by packing up all our books...the most intimidating room in our house, I think, is the study with our library of books and school binders. The Thanksgiving holiday week wasn't as productive as I'd hoped, as far as packing, but we got some stuff done. The most important--and dreaded-- task was breaking the news to family and friends.

As much as we have looked forward to relocating, we have always known that it would involve the painful prospect of leaving our church. I've been there for 12 years, John for 10. We have several dear, close friends who have reluctantly prayed for our house to sell, doing so only because they knew that's what we wanted. And after so long a process of trying to sell it, the news that we had indeed found a buyer hit particularly hard. "I almost thought that maybe it wouldn't ever happen," said one friend.

I know the feeling. Yes, I dread leaving RBF. No, I won't be sad to leave this limbo-like existence we've been in for 18 months, in a house always (well, almost) clean for visitors, with no family pictures on the walls, half my books in storage, waiting, waiting... Yes, I look forward to a brand-new home with lots of space (if no storage!). No, I'm not excited about the initial loneliness I'll experience while I work my way into John's world and find a new circle of acquaintances and friends. I will need lots of emails and phone calls to get me through the first few months.

Regardless of our future post-2006, the immediate future comes crashing in December 15. We'll be packing til then, then loading a moving truck on the 16th. Any and all help if you are a local reader is appreciated. Got boxes? I'll drive anywhere in the Metroplex to pick them up. Got some time? Babysitting and/or packing help will earn my undying gratitude. Free on the 16th? We'll feed any volunteers that day who help us load and/or unload. Send a note or give me a ring to let me know your availability.

We'll be in our new home just in time for Christmas.


Erica said…
This is so real now! (Sigh)Count on me on the next three weekends for babysitting! I'll be home Friday nights - Sunday nights. And you know I'll want my time with the lil' ones before you leave! So feel free to use me the entire weekend (very much up for that), or just a few hours (prefer all the time :-) ). Love you and am praying for you through this transition!!!
San said…
HAPPY for you. Sad for us. Yipee! Waaahhh!
Erin said…
In my mind and heart, I'm hauling your grandfather clock. All by myself.

Might as well shoot for the moon, right? ;)