Putting On A New Face

I finally did it. With the help of what turned out to be a better than half-price coupon, I offered up my face and hair to the artists at Glamour Shots today. Three hours later, I was looking at 21 photos of myself--at least that's what the name on the screen said. I wasn't sure that poufy hair and gorgeous skin were really mine. But I thought the smile looked familiar.

The helper who greeted me knew she had an amateur on her hands when she asked, "Where's your jewelry?"

"Forgot. But I have my rings on!" (I never wear earrings or necklaces because my baby grabs them. So of course I didn't think to throw them on before I left the house. Oops.)

"Oh, I want the natural look. Nothing too poufy, please. And try to keep the makeup toned down, OK?"

Cindy was so gracious. "Hmm...let's just see how it goes. I know what the camera does to a face." And off she went.

It really wasn't so bad. In fact, I found myself wishing my husband were with me, so he could pick out the pose he wanted for his free 8x10. But since I'd left him home with the kids, the choice was mine. Hope he likes it.

Why go through all this when I could have been watching the Cowboys beat Vince Young and the Titans?

Publicity. Book jackets (which haven't happened yet), PR forms, web sites, bylines on articles...everyone seems to want a photo to go along with your bio. And if you've seen the photo here on the blog...that's about all I've got. And to get that one, I had to cut out the face of an old friend sitting next to me! This seemed a good time to suck it up and lay down the cash for a quality photo.

I love coupons!


Erin said…
Hey Glamour Girl! Looking for that new hottie shottie on your next book cover!