Active Duty

Say a prayer (or two or three) for my friend Erin and her husband, Brian. Brian Anderson is an Air Force officer on his way to the Middle East for a two-month stint of active duty. Brian can tell us that he is not going to Iraq, but otherwise he is unable to disclose his destination. He left yesterday, a few days before his son Austin's 5th birthday. He is set to return on Christmas Eve, the day before his daughter Sara's 7th birthday. However, knowing the "open-ended" nature of such deployments, they do not assume he'll return on schedule. In an email to friends Erin requested specific prayer for the following:

Pray for safe travel. Brian will head overseas on Saturday.
Pray that Brian will have regular access to the web and e-mail while he is away.
Pray that I will stay FULL of energy and FULL of God's grace while being a "single" parent. (Days 47-60 can get a bit tricky...)
Pray for CHEERFUL holidays in spite of Dad's absence.
Pray for a smooth transition as the kids adjust to life without Dad. Sara is taking this deployment especially hard.

Hopefully, I will get a specific address and info on how to send care packages to him, and if so, I'll share that in a future post. Thanks for your prayers and support.