The NeXt Bible

The genius minds behind the NET Bible have launched their newest brainchild, the NeXt Bible. Not only do you get the text of the NET Bible, with all 60K+ translator notes, but you now have tools for in-depth study, right there on the site. Want to know where else a particular word is used? Double click on the word, and every other verse in which it appears will be listed for you. Want to know the Greek or Hebrew? Click the Grk/Heb tab above, and the entire chapter will be transliterated and marked with Strong's Concordance numbers. See the NET Bible's list of section titles within a chapter or book, or a list of articles on related to the topic.

While not comprehensive enough--yet--to compete fully with such software as Logos or Accordance, just give the folks at a little time. It won't take long.

Also recently launched at was their Women's Ministry page. Bible studies, leadership resources, and more have been donated to help women world-wide study, lead, and teach other women about God and his plan for them. Each article (as well as the NET Bible itself) can be freely downloaded --no copyright issues to deal with. The motto at is "Ministry First." Check out the site and be amazed at the sheer volume of material available to anyone with internet access (or a friend with access who will print it out for you).

Oh, and check out my friend Sandi's articles on the Women's Leadership page. :)