Music! And More...

Yay! I've got music now. Check out the mp3 player on the sidebar. Thank you, Erica, for such fine tech support. She even makes house calls! Unless you are across the country--then she makes phone calls :) (Erin!)

I will try to update the song(s) every so often. But since I don't blog daily, or even weekly sometimes, I guarantee nothing! The current song makes me want to jump up and play my air guitar. It rocks! Especially when I'm slightly delirious about my husband. The words are way fun :) Hope you all enjoy, too.

The weekend has been uneventful, which can be very nice. It does mark the end of the first unit for the DTS online classes I'm grading, so I have a bit of work ahead of me. John will be home tomorrow, so maybe I will have some time off from mothering to get some work done.

We did enjoy an evening with John's family last night, after he took the boys to see Cars, the movie. Got a haircut, watched some golf and tennis, read a novel (I know, I should be reading the books on my bedside table, which are for class!)...basically a relaxing weekend so far.

Happy Birthday yesterday to my Aunt Dorie, out in Orlando! My mother and Aunt Eileen joined her there for a long weekend. I hear they are helping out the local economy quite nicely with all their dining, shopping, and movie-going. They are having a great time.

And happy 10 months birthday today to Maggie. Isn't she a doll??


Erin said…
Hey, great song choice for your mp3 debut!
Perhaps html is the next language you ought to add to your list of fluencies. I bet Erica can teach you. ;)
Kelley said…
Bet she could! You think I'm deficient in html, like, my text is boring?? I would agree.
Erin said…
Huh? What boring text? Are you talking about your words? Hardly, my friend.

Your fonts? Yeah, whatever. At least they're legible.

html is just another one of those foreign languages that I have no CLUE how to "speak." It amazes me that there's an entire universe that speaks html and URL and all that mumbo jumbo. It's all Greek to me!