Pride & Prejudice Fan Alert

If you are a fan of Jane Austen, books and movie adaptations alike, you may be interested in an online contest at . It's your basic entry form for a chance to win a trip to England in which you will visit a number of sites significant to the recent movie release, Pride & Prejudice. For anyone like me, who has dreamed of taking a long vacation tromping through England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland (I know, it would take more than one trip to make it everywhere), this would be a fabulous start to such a journey.

Did you know that Derbyshire, where most of the action and filming in P&P takes place, borders Robin Hood's old haunt--Nottingham? They are smack in the middle of England. I only know this because I just received my "Visit Pride & Prejudice Country" movie map in the mail, a freebie after entering the contest online.

The flip side of the map and trip itinerary is a full-sized poster of Keira Knightley and Matthew McFadyen. Bonus!