It's weird...my first coauthored book hit the shelves four years ago, the second one two years ago, and I'm working on a third. I've also written news articles for local papers and ministries. But I still get a huge thrill out of having my first article published on the web. If you weren't one of the friends or family who received my email notice about it, you can find the article here. It's at Crosswalk.com, and I owe it all to the Lord, who helped a friend whom I worked with many years ago and who currently has a need for writers remember that old buddy of his who has written a couple of books about women's ministry. And oh, he needs stuff pertaining to women. Go figure. It's great being a part of God's family.

The article gives a nuts and bolts approach to mentoring, with suggestions on how to begin such a relationship, how to structure it, etc. Thanks for the opportunity, Shawn!


Erin said…
great article, kel. a friend and i were just philosophizing about christian mentoring relationships, so i'll be sending her to read your article too.
Kelley said…
Thanks, Teske. I'm going to have more articles put up on the faith page, sometimes on the faith/pastors page, too. So keep checking back. Today they posted my second one, this time on the pastors page. I think it's first in line right now. Miss you out here! Hope you are keeping somewhat cool over there.