Pine Cove Connections

I got a wonderful surprise today. My old friend Frostbite popped up on my Yahoo IM, after an absence of at least three years. Last I'd heard from him, he was a new Daddy, was living somewhere on the East Coast (VA or NC, I was never sure), and enjoying his editorial job at But like I said, it has been a few years.

I guess I should explain his name. He's really named Shawn, but he knows me as Edelweiss, one of those creative, unique names we were given as counselors at Pine Cove. We were there in our glory days--you know, college summers. When we had enough energy and confidence to wear swimsuits all day under our t-shirts because we knew a water war would inevitably break out. Frosty and I taught middle-schoolers archery. On rainy days--yes, there were a few of them back then--we'd regal them with bloody, gory stories from the Old Testament book of Judges. They loved it!

Shawn and I remained friends, but weddings, job, and kids eventually parted our paths. He is now the Faith Editor at, based out of Virginia. I was thrilled to hear from him, and get an update on his life. The bonus came when he asked me to consider submitting some articles for his web site! He's quite a writer himself, but of course he needs a lot of contributing writers to fill the needs of his readers. You can read one of his recent articles (about Pine Cove, no less) here.

Regardless of the freelance potential, I'm just glad he popped back in to my life today!