Super Man

Call me dim, or maybe young, but back in the early 80s when the Christopher Reeve Superman movies came out, I focused a whole lot more on Lois Lane and the love story than I did on how Superman got to Earth. I mean, we're talking Christopher Reeve in his prime! And I was a pre-teen romantic.

But now that I make an effort, I can remember the kryptonite and the space capsule that shot Superman as a baby onto earth and into that farm yard, where he was found and adopted by a nice couple. Somewhere in there was a voice from beyond, telling this beautiful alien child that he was sent to Earth because humans "lack the light to show the way." "For this reason," continues the voice, "I have sent them you, my only son." And of course he's got these super-human powers, which he only uses for good.

See any parallels here? Any allusions to another "super" man who was sent by his Father to show us earthlings a thing or two about truth? Yes, with the upcoming release of the new movie "Superman Returns," people are talking up the "Superman as Jesus" angle. I confess, it never occurred to me back in the day, but here's an article that enlightened me to the current buzz. You might find it interesting, or you might be thinking, "Duh! Old news. Where has she been all these years?"

I can only say in my defense, "I was 10! And Christopher Reeve was so cute!"