Useful Info

To follow up the flat-tire story, I thought it would be helpful for my Dallas readers to have the Courtesy Patrol number:

M-F 5am-9:30pm
S-S 11am-8:00pm

They don't give out ETAs when you call, but they dispatch someone as fast as they can. Like I said in my earlier post, Mr. Hunter was there within 10 minutes. Your tax dollars at work!

If you live elsewhere, maybe it's worth a little research to find a similar program in your city.


Erin said…
Erica and I were just lamenting that we haven't been taught these useful sorts of things. Talk about a ready-made damsel in distress!
I hear the public schools are beginning to incorporate "life skills" classes in their curriculums- balancing check books, changing oil and tires, how to boil an egg, filling out insurance forms, etc. I was born about 20 years too early, 'cause I NEED that kind of class!!

Glad to hear you all are safe. I would not want to break down on a Dallas highway for nothin'. No how. Huh uh.