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Between diaper changes and meals--well, maybe just during naptime--I have another life. I am neither mom, nor wife, nor friend to anyone during those few stolen moments. OK, so that will never actually happen (I'm nursing my 5-month-old as I hunt & peck, so I think I'm still Mom right now). However, when I do get a few moments alone with my computer, I write, edit, read online news, check friends' blogs, etc. (Notice I didn't mention housework...) To get you a bit more aquainted with me, I am posting links to several of my favorite sites. These include blogs and web sites of friends and colleagues, my own web site (which really isn't a favorite right now - needs a lot of work!), and links to my books.

New Doors in Ministry to Women
When I was home with my first-born for only a few months, back in late 2000, Sue Edwards, then Pastor to Women at Irving Bible Church, contacted me about writing a book with her. Sue had spoken to experienced author and mutual friend, Sandi Glahn, about her vision for a book dedicated to women's ministry. Sandi, ever the helpful friend, suggested she get a co-author and "Oh, I think you should call Kelley Mathews!" Sue and I already knew each other--her daughter Heather and I had been Pine Cove counselors together back in the early 90s, so we were somewhat acquainted. Sue called me, we met, we got along famously, and our book was contracted and written within a year. Published in late 2002 by Kregel Publications, New Doors provides an outline for an effective women's ministry that will attract, serve, and teach post-modern as well as modern women in today's changing churches. A short description from Kregel's web site:

Since the heart of the model is Bible study, the Transformation Model works equally well in the church, on campuses, and on the mission field. The book provides practical suggestions for implementing this model in a variety of venues, and includes topics such as how to evaluate women’s needs, choose a team of leaders, select or write a Bible study, run a board meeting, and survive conflict.

Writing with Sue was a fun, challenging, learning experience. We enjoyed it so much we decided to team up again, this time with another friend from IBC. Linda Robinson was their resident expert on retreats, so we partnered together on Women's Retreats: A Creative Planning Guide.

Published in late 2004, this book took much less time to write and the process was a lot of fun. Linda's sense of humor kept us in stitches, and since the book was full of creative projects, themes, and games, laughter more often than not peppered our author meetings. A wonderful opportunity for me. I was pregnant through the writing of that book. I think we sent the last edits off two weeks before I gave birth to Jack. Timing is everything.

Sue and I have teamed up again for book #3. With a working title of Mixed Ministry, the book's main thesis is that Christ, in 1 Timothy 5:1-2, calls men and women to relate to one another as brothers and sisters. In the church, especially in leadership, this kind of relationship is healthy and beneficial for the entire Body; yet, many believers seem not to know how to relate to one another with this mindset. We will address the benefits of overcoming the sexual overtones of our society when relating to others, as well as tackle the real obstacles we face to fostering a sibling mentality.

This project thus far has proven a great challenge and I'm sure will take much more stamina than the previous two. We'll be writing this manuscript for at least another year, possibly longer.

Friends' Blogs and web sites

Sandi Glahn, whom I mentioned above, a loyal and loving friend who has passed more writing opportunities my way than I can count. Her writing and speaking ministry emphasize sanctitity of life issues including adoption, sexual intimacy, pregnancy loss, infertility, reproductive technologies, and ethics. You will be sure to enjoy and

Erin Teske, an old friend from church who last year dared to move far away. At least she started a blog (and IMs occasionally) so we can keep up. She's most interested in the creative arts, which she often practices on her kids :)

Mary DeMuth, another old friend from church and seminary. Her blog and web site focus on writing, family, and her new life in France as a church-planting missionary. She's funny, creative, and smart. You'll enjoy her. and -- a fantastic site for serious bible students and curious seekers alike. You'll find the NET Bible (a free download!), numerous topical articles, study resources and more. The web site for Dallas Theological Seminary, one of my alma maters. The web site for yours truly, but please don't hold it against me. It started out well after we published book one, but lack of web design talent and training, plus a change in hosts, led to some major neglect. It is outdated to say the least. My goal is to have it redesigned and completely updated this summer. Pray for me! And if anyone has some low-cost suggestions for design, I welcome your help.

I'll stop for now. It's naptime, and I should be working.


Erin said…
Hey Kel,
I just unboxed both of your books after a wonderful conversation with the gal in charge of the fledgling women's ministry at our new church.
I keep thinking, "Doh! I shoulda paid more attention during our leadership meetings at RBF!"

Thank you and Sue SO much for writing all this stuff down. It's a valuable resource for those of us who have the desire, but not a clue.