Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feeling Prolific

Life is seemingly productive around here. I've shared links to my latest book reviews (just scroll to my most recent posts), and I've got (at least) two more reviews lined up for November. My interview with an Israeli grad of DTS will appear in the upcoming issue of Kindred Spirit (it's coming soon--I just proofed the final draft). Today I received my copy of my latest project to be published: Insight's Old Testament Handbook.

And, oh yeah, I'm six months pregnant. With my fourth child.

Prolific indeed.

The Old Testament Handbook is a resource, meant to be used by anyone reading any part of the OT. Each chapter gives historical background, introduces major themes and characters, and explains the significance of that particular OT book. Insight for Living, the teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll (former president of my alma mater, Dallas Seminary, and longtime pastor), produced and published this manual as part of their collection of biblical handbooks.

I'm one of two writers--we split the material and I took the first 19 books, which are mostly history and law. I also wrote an appendix explaining the Apocrypha. The actual writing took place back in February and March, when I spent eight weeks immersed in this project. So really, I haven't thought about this project much since before summer, but here it is to enjoy and share.

Want to check it out? Click here!

And as for that other ongoing project, I'm headed for my OB checkup on Friday :).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

James Explores Justice and Truth in The Knight

Read my review of The Knight, a psychological murder mystery by Steven James, published by Baker.
If you are into whodunits that explore justice and truth while spinning a darn good story, grab a copy
for yourself!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Review of Nicholas Sparks' Newest Release

For those who love a good cry, be sure to pick up the latest Sparks novel,
The Last Song. As I posted on Facebook a few days ago, each of his novels
should come with an attached tissue pocket inside the back cover!

I reviewed the book for the new web site "The Fish"--a sister site to and that studies pop culture from
a Christian perspective. It covers music, books, movies, and more.

You can find my review here. Happy reading!