My son's elementary school participates in an online art museum for kids. I think it's very cool, as do many young artists, since it displays artwork painted, colored, drawn, and otherwise created by school-aged children. What's also fun about it? Individuals (listen up, you homeschoolers!) can register their children, scanning or uploading digital images for select viewers to see. Click here to check it out.

Each child gets a screenname, much as we all do at Blogger. The parent controls who can join his/her fan club. So if you want grandpa, auntie Em, and cousin Barb to see your prodigy's creations on a regular basis, sign them up or show them how to join the club. It's very simple. Once your fan club members are registered, they will receive automatic updates whenever new art is added to your child's collection.

So far, my Nate only has two pieces posted. If I could find his other masterpieces, hidden among the piles of school work and drawings, I can scan them in to join his current work. But if you'd like to see his current work, search for "Nate324," his screenname, and the site will direct you to his page. Leave a comment if you wish. The kids get a kick out of knowing that others have enjoyed their art. And if your school doesn't participate, maybe you can email the art teacher :).