Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanking the Tooth Fairy

Found next to the tooth pillow last night on Nate's bed... the Tooth Fairy (who could have got off really easy!) filled in the blank. Beyond the blatant begging, we were most impressed with the thanks expressed before the amount was even given.

An expectant gratitude...

Something we could all learn from.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Childhood Classic in the Making?

For the last fifty years (maybe more), children have enjoyed the soothing, rhythmic words and bright, cheerful colors of Goodnight Moon. Most parents even enjoy reading that book aloud. Now, from the author of that old favorite comes a never-before-published manuscript titled The Moon Shines Down.

A prayer for all the world's children, this manuscript was found yellowed with age in an old barn with many other papers the author left behind after her death in 1952. Though it will not compare to the simplicity of Goodnight Moon--the rhyming sometimes is forced, the message and wording are more complex--this new work still captured the attention of my young children.

The illustrator, Linda Bleck, is fantastic--bright colors, simple lines, creative and fun--especially as she takes on the multiple cultures of the world. However, the sheer number of cultures tackled, plus Christmas town and the ocean, give this work a wandering feel. It's too long, too wide-ranging, though the publisher (Thomas Nelson) can be forgiven for trying a bit too hard to complete Brown's original manuscript. If it were a few pages shorter, I'd give it five stars.

The world is one great big family, and the same moon shines down on everyone. Considering our current global mindset, this work seems rather timely.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We've Got Books!

The Christian Author's Network (CAN) is featuring our book Mixed Ministry this week on its book review blog, You've Got Books! Take a peek and read the first chapter for a preview.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Review
Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy

In December 2006, America’s attention was riveted to Mount Hood in Oregon, where a massive search and rescue operation unfolded. Three climbers had been caught in a horrific storm. Somehow, their plight became a national drama, and we were glued to news accounts for over a week, waiting to hear the outcome. I remember weeping when Kelly James’s body was airlifted off the mountain.

Somehow, Kelly’s widow, Karen, found the wherewithal to share her journey through shock, pain, and grief coherently, if emotionally. Holding Fast is, at its core, a love story. Karen shares more than the fascinating untold details of the search, recovery, and burial of her beloved husband. She paints the picture of their marriage, providing context for the great loss she suffered. The reader learns of Kelly’s zest for adventure, love for family, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Occasionally sappy, creating a few imaginary scenes of what Kelly might have been thinking or doing in his last days in the snow cave, Karen nonetheless opens her heart to the world, determined to share the “phenomenal husband, dad, son…” she loved. The book also contains numerous pictures, including previously unpublished ones from Kelly’s camera retrieved from the mountain. If you are anything like me, you’ll need the tissue box handy as you immerse yourself in this story of life, loss, and hope.

Holding Fast will hold your attention and capture your heart.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting in Anna, TX ... on the CT Politics Blog

Maggie's on the web, and not just her mommy's blog! Check out the Christianity Today Politics blog. They were asking for readers to send in pictures and comments from their experiences voting today. I thought it would be fun to document, and to my surprise they posted my email and photos. Go see how voting in Anna went today.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Starbucks Citizenship

Vote tomorrow. It's important for the country. And it's just plain good citizenship.

If you need a little caffienated incentive, take that "I voted" sticker to Starbucks anytime on Tuesday, show (or just tell) them "I voted," and they'll give you a free cup of coffee (the brewed stuff, not the fancy stuff).

Can't beat that!